6 Reasons to Install a Closed Circuit TV Camera

In this age, security must be taken very seriously as criminal activities are on the rise. It’s not just the commercial properties and businesses that must be secured, but our homes need protection as well. With burglars looking to break in every unsecure house, it is important to consider security options and choose the one that best fit our needs.

A viable and cost effective security option is use of CCTV cameras for surveillance of your property. A CCTV camera allows you to keep an eye on everything happening outside your premises and it deters burglars. CCTV cameras can be hooked with a computer or a television to provide you constant a feed.

If you’re a homeowner or business owner, you should install a CCTV camera on your premises because of following reasons:

1.     Preventing Crime

If you are worried about crime, a CCTV can ease your trouble as it catches burglars in the act and also scares them away since they can’t break in easily without getting caught by the camera. Just think, would you break in a building, if you were aware that a camera is recording you? Obviously not, unless you’re James Bond in Mission Impossible, but this is real life, not a movie!

2.     Preventing Theft

They say a man can never be trusted and that’s true. So, you cannot trust your employees and leave them unmonitored, especially if your business involves cash exchanges such as a grocery store. CCTV cameras, when placed to monitor cash registers, will show you if an employee steals something and it will also deter employees from committing such crimes as they’ll be caught and punished.

3.     Evidence

Burglars can break in your home or an employee can steal your belongings, but they can’t avoid the eye of a CCTV camera. The camera footage will give you extra evidence against the culprit in a court room. With the video footage or photos from the CCTV camera in your possession, you’ll be able to make your claim stronger and show to the judge who is responsible for committing the crime.

4.     Helping Law Enforcement Agencies

When you catch criminals coming near your property through your CCTV camera, you can help the law enforcement agencies by providing them the video footage. They can identify criminals and extract their photos from the video footage. These photos can then be distributed to media outlets to help in capturing law breakers.

5.     Encouraging Good Behavior

If you install a CCTV camera in your office and monitor your staff, it will encourage good behavior. When employees know that they are being monitored, they don’t stray from work and stay focused in doing what they are being paid for.

6.     Protecting Your Employees

CCTV camera can protect your employees from violent customers. It can also save them from false accusations coming from customers or colleagues.

These are just a few reasons homeowners and business owners should install CCTV cameras on their property. If you need more information or wish to have a CCTV camera installed on your home or commercial building, contact Detect-All Security.

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