Cincinnati Residential Crime Deterrents That Don’t Work

When it comes to keeping our homes safe, there are multiple measures that we can take in order to ensure our safety. You never know when someone might intrude into your home, so it is crucial to lock your doors and windows. You can also install motion activated lights and even a security system. Further, it is important to know and understand crime deterrents that do not work. The following is a list of the Cincinnati residential crime deterrents that don’t’ work and everyone should be aware of.

Deterrents That Don’t Work:

  1. Posting Company Alarm Signs

Many people think that posting a company’s alarm sign near or on their home is a great way to let possible intruders know that their homes are protected. This can actually be counter-effective and an overall risk for your safety. The last thing you want is to give intruders information about your alarm company. This information can be used in order to bypass your security and or alarm system. It is much safer to simply post a general alarm sign that is not linked to a company.

  1. Hiding Valuables in the Bedroom

It is quite common for people to hide their valuables in their bedrooms. Your bedroom is the place where you spend a lot of time, and you also sleep there at night. Therefore it may seem to make the most sense to hide your most precious items there. This is not the case. The majority of burglars know that a lot people hide their valuables in their bedrooms, so that is one of the first places they are going to look. If you truly want to avoid getting your valuables stolen, you should find or create a trickier place to hide them.

  1. Leaving the Lights on

Leaving the lights on may seem like the perfect idea to deter intruders. If your lights are on, they will think that you are home. This can create an issue. If you leave your lights on all day and night, burglars are going to notice this and see that you aren’t home. This will then attract them to break into your house, which is exact opposite of what you want. Instead, you can have automatic lights or lights with a timer so that they aren’t on all day long.

  1. Getting a Big Dog

Big dogs are usually thought to be characteristically scary. When you see a big dog you are generally scared and back away. However, big dogs are not always the most protective. A better solution to prevent crime is to get a small dog that barks often. These dogs bark when someone is trying to get into the house, whether they are invited in or are trying to break in. Small dogs are the perfect alarm system.

Overall, protecting your home can save you money. It protects yourself and your loved ones as well, and it gives you peace of mind. It is important to be aware of crime deterrents that don’t work. In the end, this knowledge could be the difference between your home being a target or a safe place to live. For all of your home security needs please contact us at Detect All Security.

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