Everything You Need to Know about Water Sensors

Did you know that water sensors are needed for home protection? Most people commonly think the main ways to protect your home and valuables is with a security alarm system, outdoor lights, etc. However, there is another horrible home intruder that can significantly harm your home and possessions inside of it... water damage! Protecting your home from water damage is needed because flooding, leaks, or busted pipes. These can severely hurt your home if they are not detected in enough time. If your home does not have a good enough water sensor that is able to alert homeowners about leaks, your home will always have the risk of water damage. The following is everything you need to know about investing in a water sensor:

What is a Water Sensor?

There are multiple types of water sensors that you can choose from to install in your home. Depending on the system that you choose for your home, your water sensor will alert you through an alarm or phone when there are rising water levels in your house. No matter if your home has a leak that you don’t know about or if there is flooding, a water sensor will detect any water in the area and alert you to prevent water damage. Some sensors connect to your valves, which allows water in your house to immediately shut off if water reaches a certain level on the sensor. This ultimately prevents significant damage in a flooding emergency.

Where Should You Install a Water Sensor?

The job of a water sensor is to alert you about flooding in enough time to stop any leaks. It is important  to install water sensors in places where the possibility of flooding is the highest. Some specific areas would include your basement, by your washing machine, under sinks, and close to any machines that have a direct connection to your water lines. These sensors ultimately reduce the severity of water damage throughout your entire home.

What Types of Water Sensors are There?

There are two main types of water sensors: wired and wireless. Both are great at detecting water leaks in your home. If your home has multiple floors for detecting water damage, then investing in a wireless sensor is the best option. If you just want to detect water in a single room, a wired sensor is most effective. Companies such as Detect-All Security have trained professionals to assist you in buying the right one for your home.

Are You Ready to Install a Water Sensor in Your Home?

There are more ways to protect your home than installing security alarm systems. Protecting your home from water damage is crucial. By investing in a water sensor, you can save yourself thousands of dollars in damages. If you are interested in protecting your home with a Detect-All Water Sensor, check out the link to their website or you can contact the company directly at 513-214-2004.

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