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Medical Alert Systems Benefit Every Age

When you think of medical alert systems, images of the overly-dramatic commercials on TV where an older person has fallen and they can't get up come to mind. While fall risks are serious as we age, medical alerts aren’t just for an older generation. Any person at any age can benefit from a medical alert…
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Physical Security Tips for Your Home and Office

October is National Cybersecurity Month. At Detect-All Security, we provide physical security, not cybersecurity. However, tips for cybersecurity can also be adapted for physical security. When it comes to the security of your home or business, you can never be too sure. Follow these physical security tips to create a safe environment. Key Card Access…
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Autumn Security Tips for Cincinnati

The fall season is right around the corner in Cincinnati. You might look forward to the season for a variety of reasons. However, autumn also brings around security challenges to homes. In case of an emergency, are you protected? With Detect-All Security, you know you're getting a company who puts your safety first. Follow these…
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Closed Circuit TV Cameras Keep You Safe

Many homes and businesses are investing in closed circuit TV cameras for security. It is an excellent way to keep your perimeter more secure. It makes it easy to control your house when you are away or inside. You may be asking what a closed circuit TV camera is. This type of camera is used…
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