Why You Should Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector in Your Garage

Why You Should Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector in Your Garage

Every homeowner is aware of the importance of smoke detectors as they alert them in case of fire. But, often times, a warning system for protection from dangerous carbon monoxide gas is overlooked.

In America, poisoning from carbon monoxide is a serious risk and while people are aware of it, they still don’t take necessary safety precautions. When something is on fire, the smell is obvious and often smoke comes with it. But, that is not the case with carbon monoxide. CO is the silent assassin, a colorless, tasteless, toxic and odorless gas that is hard to identify and in most cases, kills those who get exposed to it.

Anyone can be poisoned by CO and those which have weaker immune systems are at even greater risk. This includes people with chronic illnesses, asthma, elderly and the small children. Carbon monoxide detectors must be given the same importance as a fire detector and it should be installed in residential houses.

Placement of Carbon Monoxide Detector

Most people ask where carbon monoxide sensor should be placed. One place where the chances of CO gas accumulating and building up, is high up in the garage. Although the need for installing carbon monoxide sensor in homes has increased, most people ignore installing these detectors in their garage.

A garage in most homes does not only house cars but holds other belongings as well. It can be detached or attached and is often an actual extension of a home with an area for kids to store their toys, a workplace and space for pets to run and play.

Why must a CO detector be Installed in a Garage?

Carbon monoxide is found in your vehicle’s fumes and these harmful toxins can build up in your home’s garage without you knowing it. Even common household appliances like water heaters, boilers and other heating systems that use fuel to run can produce carbon monoxide. If there’s a fault in your furnace, it can lead to contaminating the air with CO.

If you have an attached garage, the fumes can spread across your home. CO detectors should be placed properly in the garage as it can quickly alert you, if carbon monoxide is accumulating and you can solve the issue before the gas can make its way into your property and cause significant harm – crucial when you and other family members are sleeping.

Installing a CO Detector

Installing a carbon monoxide detector in a garage is simple and it can be easily connected to a central security system. If the level of CO reaches high concentration, the alarm will trigger and the sound will not stop, until the CO gas has been cleared. If there is a room above your garage, you should install a CO detector there as well to ensure that carbon monoxide doesn’t accumulate in your room without you being aware of it.

If you’re still unsure where to place carbon monoxide detector, call the experts to take care of the installation and prevent any tragic situation from ever occurring.

If you need more information about security systems and want to have them installed, get in touch with Detect-All Security as they specialize in the installation of security systems for commercial customers.

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