5 Reasons You Should Install a Professional Home Security System

Today, a home security system involves much more than a simple burglar alarm. There are so many home security features available, including a fire alarm, flood alarm, carbon monoxide detector, smart home control and so much more. Installing these security systems may cost you but not as much as a burglary or house fire would.

Here are the top five reasons you should have a professional home security system:

Protection from Intruders: It takes less than 60 seconds for a burglar to break into a home in the United States. What’s more, 30 percent of break-ins occur through doors and windows that do not require force to enter and homes without protection are 2.7 times more likely to be targeted by people with bad intentions. In some cases, a burglar can come in broad daylight, knowing people are inside. An alarm system can give early warning to the residents and give them time to call authorities or go to a safe location. You should also invest in setting up alarms in all your doors and windows, which should be kept locked at all times.

Protection from Fire: In the United States, a house fire is reported every 20 seconds. It takes just 30 seconds for a small spark to turn into a fully-fledged fire. Within minutes, your home may be filled with thick, black smoke that can suffocate family members and flames that can destroy your entire house. That’s why it is imperative that you install a fire protection system. A good fire alarm system can detect if a smoke alarm has malfunctioned and alert you. It can also provide you early warning of high temperature in your home as well as smoke. A monitored fire protection system also alerts authorities in case a fire breaks out in your home. Contact Detect-All Security to map out a plan for your families fire safety protection.

Protection from Carbon monoxide: The aptly named “silent killer” kills 400 people each year and sends 20,000 to the emergency room in the United States. This highly toxic gas may be emitted from the burners in your home or your furnace systems. A carbon monoxide detection system can raise an alarm if the gas reaches dangerous levels in your house. This device can also alert emergency services and summon paramedics to your house to treat the symptoms of CO poisoning.

Medical Alert System: Medical assistance systems allow the elderly to call for aid in case of an emergency. These devices, though not routine, are often installed by children of elderly parents, special needs people and sick individuals. With a medical alert feature, if a person falls at home or suffers a seizure, they can press a button to signal the authorities for help. Some medical alert systems also come with remote features, which allow families of elderly parents to lock and unlock their doors, survey them with a video camera or arm their alarm systems, from a distant via a smart phone or computer.

Lowers Homeowners’ Insurance: A homeowner’s insurance is designed to cover the losses and damages of a private home and its possession from any devastating event, including fire, hurricanes and tornadoes. The cost of insurance varies based on the location, type of house, insurance companies and yes, the security system installed in it. In general, residents receive a 10-20 percent discount for having a functioning alarm system installed in their homes.

Get some peace of mind with Detect-All Security by taking a look at some of our best home security systems that will guarantee your family’s protection.



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