Home Security Checklist to Keep You Safe

Be prepared before disaster strikes your house. Being prepared and equipped with items on this checklist will help to protect you and your family. Detect-All Security is here to provide a home security checklist that will make your home safe for everyone you love and care for.


Having proper lighting can help scare off burglars. You need a well-lit exterior for your home. It’s best to have motion detecting lights. This will provide an extra scare to anyone attempting to burglarize your home. It’s also valuable to have a home security system that allows you to manage lights even when you are not home. This gives the illusion to possible intruders that you are home even when you aren’t.

Exterior Doors and Garage Doors

It’s important that all doors from the outside that give access to your home stay locked when you leave and at night. Make sure you have wood or metal clad exteriors rather than glass. It's okay to have a glass door, but they need reinforced. That way, if an intruder tries to shatter them, it's harder. Make sure you have updated locks on all your doors and that you leave spare keys with neighbors rather than outside your home. This will ensure as little access to intruders as possible.


Keeping up with landscaping is an uncommon aspect that most people don’t think of. We recommend keeping bushes and shrubs trimmed. Untrimmed plants give an easy hiding place to a wannabe intruder. It is also important that while you are on vacation someone mows your yard. One common thing burglar look for is an unkempt landscaping. This shows a burglar that no one is home to take care of it. It is also important you keep expensive items like lawn mowers and grills out of sight or in your garage or shed. This is important because if intruders see valuable items outside your home, it’s safe to say there are probably valuables inside the home as well.


Locking your windows are just as important as locking your doors. Windows are an easy access point that homeowners forget to close. Unfortunately, it's easy to force them open or break them.  To take proper precautions, make sure all windows are always locked. Even if you want to slightly open you window, make sure it is still locked in place.

Taking proper precautions and having your home security checklist crossed off will help ensure the safety of your home. By having proper home security, you can eliminate burglaries and break-ins. Home security also scares off intruders before they even get to that point. It's important to take the appropriate steps to secure you and your family’s safety. If you have any more questions regarding home safety call Detect-All Security today.

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