Home Security – The Hottest Trends of 2018

 As technology rapidly revolutionizes, more and more innovative security systems are being introduced to the market. It is enough to drive any homeowner up the wall. Here is a quick view about what type of technologies are trending in home security, which can help you make an informed purchase decision.

Artificial Intelligence: Most home security systems still activate on triggers; for example, a homeowner pre-setting his thermostat to make the house warmer during night time or a security alarm ringing when it detects motion. However, thanks to the miracle of artificial intelligence, machines are getting smarter. Sensors and digital readers around your house are continuously analyzing human behavior and learning their pattern. Now, instead of a new cat in the neighborhood activating the alarms, the system sends an “anomaly” report to the owner, instead of waking up the whole house. Instead of responding to a certain stimulus, the system is assessing patterns about how certain things happen, don’t happen or should happen and reacting based on that.

Smarter Video Surveillance: Facial recognition, package detection and counting people are video analytics that we have all seen being used at airports, borders or other secured public spaces. These capabilities required gigantic servers, highly skilled technicians and a large-scale network security. However, now these amazing feats can be achieved in our own homes, thanks to smaller processers, and can be managed by a simple homeowner. The more they are used, the more behavior they learn and the smarter they get. Nowadays, security cameras can detect sound, color, motion, faces, fires and even certain activities like falling. Furthermore, they are more secure, as most of the intelligence can be handled in the fog that reduces data visibility. Contact Detect-All Security, a leader in home security solutions.

Home Cloud Solutions: Now that most security systems have the capability to be hooked to the internet, homeowners are increasingly embracing cloud-based home security solutions that are easy to use, can be operated from a remote location and are self-monitoring. These solutions consist of three types of data: video, music and image content; productivity i.e. your documents, contacts and email correspondence and sensor data collected through your smart home devices. Cloud-based solutions allow users to store increasing amounts of data, especially video content, which can be accessed from virtually anywhere and has a very low cost. It also allows for multi-screen usage, integration with local and online content, including social media networks, and has numerous personalization options.

Pocket Drones: 2018 is the year that witnessed an increasing use of pocket drones as home security solution option. Most pocket-sized drones can fly at an altitude of 20 feet. In case an alarm system is triggered, the homeowner can control the drone using a smart phone to fly inside or outside the house and to capture images of the intruder. Its built-in biometric scanning system uploads the feed directly to an online server, so even if the intruder destroys the device, the images will still be available and can be used to identify and track down the burglar.

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