How Millennials are Driving Home Security

Which generation accounts for just as many people as the Baby Boomer generation?  If you guessed the Millennial Generation, you would be correct! And with its large size, the Millennial Generation is having a large impact on the home security industry. This can be seen with the emergence of the “smart home” and the use of monthly subscription services for home security, Similar to how we see Millennials cutting the cord to long-term cable provider’s contracts and choosing instead to pay a subscription fee for Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. Here are few examples of what security systems millennials are interested in and purchasing.

The “Smart” Home

It is very important to understand what makes Millennials spend their money. One area is technology and gadgets, especially smart home ones. Millennials are very tech savvy and will use the cool new smart home devices for their security needs. From smart doorbells, smart locks, thermostats, lighting to connecting to your mobile devices, Millennials are more inclined to use smart home devices for their house security system.

Smart home packages are being offered by many security companies with several levels of connectivity and devices. The most popular seller for smart home devices is the doorbell camera. The smart doorbell along with smart lighting, thermostats, and locks can all be connected and controlled by the homeowner’s mobile device. You can check on your home’s security instantaneously either when you are upstairs in bed or over a thousand miles away on a business trip or on vacation. Locally owned company Detect-All Security is a family-owned business that takes pride in offering the latest home security technology and excellent customer service.

Home security subscriptions

Millennials love the subscription model like we see with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Besides the usual smart home security packages, security companies can also provide a la carte home monitoring options. Similar to a Netflix, the subscription model appeals to the younger Millennial Generation that doesn’t want to be tied down to a long-term home security system contract.

While the smart home and monthly subscription model may appeal to the Millennial Generation, it may also appeal to older generations as well. With the ease of use of new technology and mobile devices, the smart home security system can be of interest to the Baby Boomer generation too. With home security at your fingertips, older users may feel more secure knowing their home is safe with the latest technology that brings safety and security only a touch away on their mobile devices. For all of your security needs, contact Detect-All Security and let us provide you with the latest technology in home security.

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