New Home Security System Trends

Now is a great time to invest in home security systems. Technological advances are reaching new highs this year with never before seen advances. Eventually, conventional alarms won’t be enough to keep you, your home, and your family safe. Check out some of these new home security system trends that will shape the home security industry.

5 tops trends in home security 

  1. 24/7 Monitoring

The latest home security systems are wireless. This means they won’t stop working in case of an event which causes a power outage. Through electric failure, flood, or heavy rain you want to make sure your system can outlast all circumstances. Additionally, with 24-hour monitoring your security system can work in batches and stay alert in case there is an alarm message.  Above all, you can count on your 24/7 monitoring system whether your home or away. 

  1. Voice Communication 

Two-way voice communication continues to get more and more popular in the technology realm. This is true with home security also. The main benefit to this communication system is the instant communication with the monitoring personnel. In addition, they can confirm or deny information about an intruder before sending help in the event off a false alarm. Lastly, it doesn’t matter if your cell phone is working or not. This takes the place of a phone and activates right through the central control panel of your security system. 

  1. Security Computerization

Smart homes and home security used to be totally separate. Now as we enter a new era, they are now considered one. This is called security automation. You can control your home on the go with smart plugs and smart appliances with the help of computerization. 

  1. Geo-fencing 

Geo-fencing is a far newer concept to the home security realm. The technology creates a geographical boundary for automated arming/disarming your home security system. With this new technology you can easily schedule your alarm system and it will follow your instructions. Furthermore, you can add different modes to cater to your needs. You can add different modes such as ‘home’, ‘work’, or ‘away’. Mode's have settings that are specialized to your needs. These settings can be lighting, camera, security settings, and more. It can help your home seem occupied when its not and allow your home to be safer. 

  1. 360-degree vision 

Cameras used in home security has always been a popular way to keep your home safe and protected. 360-degree vision is a new trend that is very popular among homeowners. Advances allow full range to your home and the different rooms your camera is placed in. The system sends the video footage to electronic encoders at security monitoring centers. The footage is analyzed and broken down for data.

Additionally, you are contacted immediately when something is flagged as out of the ordinary. 360 angles have been becoming more popular with taking pictures on your home and smaller devices. By converting that type of technology to your home security system you can make sure all eyes are on your home 24/7 making sure your family is safe. 

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