DIY Home Security System Installation – What to Avoid

Do-it-yourself (DIY) anything is incredibly easy today when compared to 5 or 10 years ago. Everything you’ve ever needed to know is at the touch of your fingertips. You can easily Google how to…you name it. But when it comes to the safety of yourself, your loved ones or your business be careful to avoid security system installation mistakes.

Here are Four Major Problems with Installing Your Own Security System

1. You’re Not an Expert at Security System Installation

Professional security system installers spend years with a company to understand how to make your home safe. This experience saves time and money. Additionally, there’s a chance you might miss something that could lead to an undetected break-in.

Furthermore, a professional will walk you through how to operate your system and all of the features and functions.

2. Higher Equipment Costs with DIY Security System Installation

You might have to pay more money for equipment if you don’t have a security company do the work. Equipment is usually at a reduced rate with installation. Additionally, you may not qualify for a warranty if the system is not installed by a professional. Break-ins may not be covered due to an incorrectly installed system. If the security system is installed by the company, then you have nothing to worry about.

3. Cost Savings and Cutting Corners Can be Dangerous

If your trying to install your own security system, you may be very tempted to save money and cut corners. The closer the cost gets to professional installation, the more likely you are to try to save money. Most people tend to buy lower priced or discounted systems with a DIY project. Saving money on security is a bad idea.

Compromising on the quality of protection for your family or business is not worth it! Discounted equipment can have problems that you can’t detect until the system isn’t working. Lower quality cameras may cost less but the poor picture resolution can lead to frustration and useless equipment.

Let Detect-All Security help you install your personal emergency response system. We work with homeowners and businesses to assist them in installing equipment themselves whenever possible.

4. No Third Party Monitoring

Some home security systems have monitoring that comes directly to your smart phone. While this is great, there are many times when we are not watching our phone. No one want to worry that they may miss something happening at their home or business while sleeping, attending an event or out of town. In these instances, a third party monitor can save your loved ones and property from harm.

Home security systems are there for you during times of need. Unforeseen circumstances such as burglaries and natural disasters are monitored for you and keep you safe from mishaps. Sometimes, you need the experts to keep you safe.

Security shouldn’t be something you have to worry about in your own home. You don’t have to add “keeping your home safe” to your long to-do list. Companies such as Detect-All are a perfect option for keeping your home safe year-round. Contact Detect-All Security today!

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