Security Systems Deter Burglaries

Experts say the number one thing to help prevent a break-in is through a home security system. Most homeowners purchase a home security system after the burglary has already taken place. Security systems deter burglaries. Get ahead of criminals and have Detect-All Security install security systems beforehand.

Know When Burglaries are More Likely to Happen

When do you think burglaries tend to happen? Do you think it's at night? Actually, they're more likely to happen between 10 am and 3 pm. This statistic may seem surprising for some because intruders can hide better at night. Believe it or not most intruders like the daytime better. It makes sense though, because this is the time where parents are at work and kids are at school. The daytime also allows for people to let their guard down. You aren't as alert to your surroundings in the day than the night. After all, most people think burglaries are more common at night. So during the day, they aren't expecting it and aren't as aware.

Burglars Target Homes Close to Them

Intruders usually choose a home to rob that is close to them. Most of the time, it's within a two-mile radius. This way they can stalk them before. First they stalk the resident’s daily patterns and whereabouts during specific hours. Then they make a detailed plan so they can get in and out in little time while grabbing everything they desire.

Burglaries Can Take Place Anywhere

Although they can take place anywhere, some places are easier targets than others. Of course, the easiest is a home without a security system. If your home doesn’t have one, you are three times as likely to be broken into. Other places that allow more accessibility are low visibility from the street, old or broken locks, and homes in the middle of the street. All of these locations and assets allow the intruder to hide and be quicker in the act.

Know Their Intentions

Intruders look for opportunities in their minds. They often take advantage of an ideal situation. They also want to make quick money, whether it's cash or valuables they later sell themselves. The FBI says the average home burglary lasts eight to 10 minutes, with 90 seconds being the record low.

Burglars try to grab valuables and will most likely target the master bedroom. The items they try to go for are cash, jewelry, or electronics. On the other hand, some burglars go a different route and search for prescriptions, illegal drugs, or guns. A home loses $2,000 in valuables after a robbery. Store any valuables in a safe place to limit the chance of a successful robbery.

At Detect-All Security it is important that we provide our community with the knowledge about home burglaries. We definitely believe having security systems deter burglaries in Cincinnati. Even basic knowledge can help prevent a break-in. If you have yet to install a home security system, contact us at Detect-All Security and we can help get you started on the path to safety and protection.

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