Travel Tips for Summer Vacations

Whether you travel for work or are going on a vacation, leaving your house vacant can make it a target for burglary or at risk for disasters. At Detect-All Security, we believe a home alarm system is the smartest way to protect and secure your home, so that you can travel with peace of mind. We are going to explain why smart home security systems are best for travelers so that you can rest well assured that your home is safe while you’re away.


Embracing home automation can be a great assistant in helping you make your home not look empty. By using scheduled lighting and turning your TV on and off your can make it seem as if someone is home. This is a great tool to use to deter break-ins and burglary while you are away. By giving intruders the allusion that your home is occupied you can hopefully discourage a break in.

Monitoring your Home

The newer home security systems give you access to features like 24/7 monitoring over your home through cellular monitoring on your phone. Watching over your house from afar is a huge advantage with modern home security. Surveillance is important when a home is vacant in case anyone tries to break in. We also recommend telling trusted friends and neighbors. Having a watch on your house can help keep it safe.

Detector Alerts and Natural Disasters

While you are away, intruders are not the only thing you should worry about. Your house should be safeguarded against natural disasters and other elements. Whether it be a flood, fire, or a pipe bursting, you have a right to know. With the newest smart home features, you can get notifications anytime a detector or alarm goes off in your home. You can also receive weather updates or emergency notifications. Having features like this allows you to know what is happening and when, even when you can’t be there. Home security detectors help prevent various conditions from happening or notify you when they do.

Taking the proper precautions as a traveler can help keep your home safe and protected. Our best recommendation is a smart home security system. With features like those listed above, you can keep a watch on your house and always know what is going on. Call us at Detect-All Security if you have anymore questions regarding home security. We are here to help.

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