Winter Can Wreak Havoc on Your Home Security

Residents of Cincinnati are no stranger to extreme forces of nature. We all know that the cold can wreak havoc on our pipelines, but do you know that it can adversely affect your home security systems as well? A sudden and unexpected breach in security can leave your home and family unprotected.

Here are a few instances when you need to be cautious during the cold.

Frozen Doors

Cold weather can result in metal contracting. When temperature go below 0 degrees, the frost can cause the hinges of the door or the moving part of latches to get stuck. If that happens, it is possible your door won’t close without some cajoling. Therefore, if you are careless and your door stays even slightly ajar, your door alarm system won’t activate. Fortunately, Detect-All Security has alarm systems that alert homeowners their doors are open and the alarm has not been activated. If your door is liable to stick, apply some grease to make it slide properly.

Security Camera

Most security cameras are made of plastic, metal and glass, all of which can be affected by the bitter cold. If temperature falls into the sub-zero range, the glass and plastic of the camera become brittle and are liable to crack.  Aside from that, water and ice can also build up inside your camera’s lens and obstruct your field of view. Icicles can also form on the hood of your camera. If you live in an area that gets super-cold, then its best to install camera that works in extreme conditions and maintain their regular upkeep.

Battery Life

Not many people know that cold weather can drastically shorten the battery life of any wireless device. If your door or window alarm goes off suddenly, don’t panic. It may not necessarily be an intruder. It could just be your alarm system’s battery has drained out. All you need to do is to call a security technician to come and replace it.

Power Outages

Some of the biggest concerns during winter season are blizzards and snow storms. As all alarm systems work on electricity, a sudden power outage can give a burglar a chance to creep inside your home, undetected. If you have a security system that is connected to a transformer, make sure it also has a backup battery power supply. In case of a power outage, your security system will keep working and you will stay protected. The average life expectancy of a security system backup battery is six years. Nowadays, most security systems are wireless, which means that they have a built-in battery and do not need a transformer to power them up. These remain activated if the electricity in your house goes out. If you have an outdated security system, it is time you replace it.

Are you concerned about your security system this winter? Detect-All Security can offer you the best alarm systems that are guaranteed to protect your home. All our security systems are made of high-quality material and are weatherproof.

Keep your home safe during the cold.

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