A Medical Alert System: Why You Need It

A Medical Alert System: Why You Need It

Medical alert systems are not only used for adults, but anyone can benefit from their magnificent features. Typically, a base station and a wireless button make up these systems. Some systems are limited for home use only, while others can work in an outside environment as well.

When an emergency button is pressed, this device sends alerts to the monitoring station connected to the system. Usually, an emergency button is placed with wearable items like a bracelet, belt clip or pendant. When the station receives a signal, they alert proper authorities and call the listed contact numbers, if the situation is urgent.

To further enunciate the importance of medical alert alarm systems, we’ve compiled a list of four reasons for having these systems.

1.     Living Alone

You’re living alone in the house and suddenly fell from the stairs. Now you’re unable to move and help won’t come unless you call someone. If you had a medical alert device, you won’t have to worry about calling someone to come to your aid as only with a push of the button, relevant authorities will be notified.

If your old grandma or grandpa lives alone, a medical alert alarm is a must for them. Most accidents involving elderly people occur because of falls. Since they have weaker bones, secondary injuries and fractures almost always happen. If they have a medical alert alarm, they’ll be able to alert relevant authorities with a push of the button.

2.     Kids Are Alone

Let’s face it, you can’t keep always keep an eye on your kids and when you’re out at work, you must leave them alone. If a distressing event occurs during this time, your kids may panic and find it hard to dial your number on the smartphone. A medical alert system can help in this case as they’ll be able to notify you by just pressing a button on the device.

3.     Medical Condition

In certain medical conditions, timing and appropriate interventions are what can make the difference between life and death. For instance, diabetic patients have unstable glucose levels and medical assistance may be required in case of an emergency.  A medical alert device can help in this case.

Certain medications can have rough side effects like lightheadedness, which can put you at risk, particularly if you are alone. With a medical alert device, you can get help in case of any uncomfortable event.

4.     Keeping Track of Loved Ones

Many medical alert alarms now come equipped with GPS systems. This means that you can keep track of your loved ones in case they leave the premises and wander around unfamiliar locations.

Medical alert devices that have GPS are also useful for those who like going out at night for a walk or jog. In case any emergency situation occurs during this time, they can push the button and their locations will be conveyed to the connected station. The monitoring station can then immediately send help to their location.

Get Yourself One

If you live alone or have young children or senior people at home that can be exposed to the emergency situation, you should get a medical alert system. Call Detect-All Security and we’ll assist you in finding the right option.

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