Water Sensors are Important for Home Protection

Water Sensors are Important for Home Protection

Many people protect their home from burglars by installing a home security system and surveillance cameras, but they ignore the need for protecting their property from another culprit: water damage. Protection from water damage is important as flooding, leaked, and/or burst pipes can severely damage your home, if not detected in time.

Without an adequate sensor that can alert homeowners about leaks, a home remains susceptible to water damage.  Walls, furnishings, flooring and other valuable items can be ruined, if water is not detected in time. 

Water Sensors are Helpful

Water sensors are very useful and can work as standalone components or in tandem with already installed security or other environmental systems. Depending upon the kind of system chosen, water sensors can alert homeowners through an alarm or phone, about rising water levels. Whether it is an undetected leak or heavier flood, a water sensor will detect all and trigger an alarm so that appropriate measures can be taken. Some water sensors are programmable and can be set to shut off predetermined valves to minimize or prevent water damage in case of an emergency.

Since water sensors can alert about flooding and give time to occupants to stop the leaks or move out valuable items from flooded areas, these sensors must be installed where the probability of flooding is high. This includes the basement, that area where a washing machine is placed, underneath sinks and near machines that are directly connected to water lines. While the failure of an appliance can lead to major damage if not detected, homeowners can reduce the severity of damage by installing water sensors. 

Sump Pump Doesn’t Always Work

Consider the following scenario: Your basement has just been renovated; you’ve spent a huge amount for that flooring, the drywall and the paint. Now just imagine what will happen if that sump pump of yours stops working. It is possible, right? The breaker can trip, there could be a fault in the pump or maybe you didn’t plug it in correctly, whatever the issue, the sump pump isn’t operating.

Spring is about to come and the snow is falling continuously, which means that the melted water can make its way into your basement. You have made a major investment to build that basement and you must protect it, right?

If there is a water alarm installed in your basement, it will alert you, if water is accumulating in the basement and threatening to rise up. When water sensor is placed closed to a sump pump, near the floor, it will detect rising water levels, close the circuit and trigger an alarm. You’ll be notified immediately and will be able take appropriate measure to get rid of the water, before it takes over your basement.

Wired or Wireless Sensors

Both wireless and wired water sensors can help in detecting leaks. Generally, if sensing is required on multiple levels like a two-story building, then a wireless sensor would be a better option. While for a single room, the wired sensor is a more effective choice.

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